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A bit about me

Lover of small businesses, accounting, personal finance, investing, real estate, user interfaces, automation, efficient workflows, journey maps, design critiques, and dogs!

🚚 Currently, I'm a product designer at DocuSign I help alongside my team to craft easy-to-use agreement products for businesses.

🦄 I worked at 3 different startups.

Usually, as a early designer on a startup, I helped solve problems quickly to fulfill our business goals. Learned how to maintain design systems for companies that didn't have one. Plus many things that come with working at a startup.

🏚️  I was small business owner. Flipping and renting out condos and duplexes in Austin, TX.

I got sick of paying terrible landlords. I saw opportunity in a fast growing city to help tenants and money through real estate. I had 2 part time (1099) employees manage my properties while working my day job.

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